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Supreme Netsoft (SNPL) believes in Innovation that is generating new ideas which enhances Enterprise’s sustenance and growth during these days of technology abundant and competitive world. We do Innovation to support our IT services and also provide Innovation services to our customers. As change in Technology and Domain are constant and with the increasing demand on Automation and economies of scale, Supreme Netsoft advises Business Enterprises for Innovation to implement multiple ways of doing business by adding additional values to the existing IT services or creating new services. Digitization has become part of day to day activities with more focus on IOT and Mobile with Cloud enablement for many Enterprises and Supreme Netsoft believes in Digitization as part of Innovation. Supreme Netsoft’s Innovation Policy focuses not just on Digitization but also on Intellectual Property rights, specialized domain and vertical solutions, and of course thought Leadership.

Supreme Netsoft’s Innovation offerings will fulfill customer’s IT expectations with better products and services using Innovation practices using following 5D Methodology.

  • Discovery – Understand business requirements such as Cloud Platforms need, Agile Architecture, DevOps, Mobile enablement, Digital experience, Virtualization, etc.
  • Documentation – Document all the facts during the discovery and review
  • Design – Design Innovation for performance, Scalability and Security
  • Develop – Build Digitized solutions to fulfill Innovation requirements of customers
  • Deploy – Deploy Built solutions for successful implementation of Innovation to customers and End users.

As part of Innovation process to customers, Supreme Netsoft offers to work on PoCs (Proof of Concept), Wire frames, Prototypes, Pilot projects, Mockup scenarios etc. and launch full-fledged project after successful satisfaction and confirmation from business users.

Following are the list of offerings provided by Supreme Netsoft as part of Innovation Services:

Intellectual Property Rights:
Supreme Netsoft believes in new Innovative creations in Digitization areas and exploring thought leadership initiatives to protect the intellectual content in the form of IPs. Supreme Netsoft supports Patents for Inventions, Trademarks, and any specific Industrial Design creations for its own products and services and also for their customers’ Enterprises.

Supreme Netsoft believes in speed while working with customers. It will provide accelerators to increase the speed of implementation of services by means of Templates, Workbooks, Play Books, Pitch Books, Jump start kits, Check lists etc. It also provides several tools which will help in repetitive usage in building solutions. These accelerators will help in building speedy solutions to our customer’s.

IOT and Mobile:
Supreme Netsoft focus on IOT, to provide enterprises with the ability of working of Devices & Sensors on Internet. IOT plays a significant role in Digital transformation and Supreme Netsoft is intended to help its customers in the area of complete Digital transformation. Supreme Netsoft create platforms that connects physical Assets and IT infrastructure which will benefit the customers to realize a better return on investment through automation. Supreme Netsoft will build solutions using different Industry vendor platforms such as Microsoft IOT and focus on Data source connectivity using different Protocols, Data analytics, Data visualization and finally data action to complete the cycle to communicate back to the devices. Supreme Netsoft will provide industry specialized resources for IOT areas particularly for Machine learning, Natural algorithms and other Data science areas.

Supreme Netsoft’s Mobile capability will help in building Mobile Applications using responsive design and also to build Mobile Apps for business functionality. Mobile Apps for the Enterprises involve building responsive layer and server end packages at one end of service as a provider and at the user level building Mobile Apps for Android, IoS and Windows Mobile platforms as a consumer layer, on the other end. Supreme Netsoft also provide support for selective mobile development and application platforms that include Mobile Device Management such as Kony, Intune, and Antenna etc.

Supreme Netsoft’s capability in IT Industrialization is to provide its customers with increased automation of IT Services such as pre-designed solutions, pre-configured packages, automations of tasks like build and deploy, API automation of Integrations Framework etc. Supreme Netsoft achieve this Industrialization for the customers using different techniques such as specialization in Domain and Technology, Automation, Reusability, Build once – use multiple times as part of delivery model, Optimization in the Programs/Projects they execute, Agile development etc.

Vertical Solutions:
Supreme Netsoft always asserts on specialization for Technology as well as Domains. Supreme Netsoft will help the customers in individual vertical domain areas or across areas to build IT Applications. Supreme Netsoft have the capability to support various Domains such as Manufacturing, Transport, Supply Chain, Logistics, Banking, Financial, Insurance and Public Services. These areas themselves represent vast Domains and Supreme Netsoft will try to provide specialized solutions such as Discrete and Process Manufacturing, Provider and Payee Insurance Solutions as examples.

The advantage of these vertical solutions will help the customers think differently and achieve highly specialized IT solutions for End Users. Supreme Netsoft will help in building Proof of concepts and wireframes in these Domains and then finally implement the projects using their IT services models.

Thought Leadership:
Supreme Netsoft believes in knowledge and enrichment of knowledge in traditional and cutting edge technologies with specialized Domain areas and Supreme Netsoft bring that advantage to their customers.

Supreme Netsoft work on following thought leadership initiatives such as

  • White Papers on Technology, Domain areas and exercises of critical implementations
  • Publish articles in Public domain
  • Publish customer case studies
  • Provide Webinars on current trends such as Socialization using IT Techniques, inventory-less manufacturing units etc.
  • Workshops/Street shows on awareness of technology changes and Domain demands for today’s customers