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Supreme Netsoft Pvt Ltd. offers wide range of services from sourcing, screening, negotiating and full-cycle recruiting. These services are delivered by dedicated and experienced staffs who work as a team for sourcing, screening and recruiting for your clients needs. SNPL recruiters represent and promote your company to candidates and clients. SNPL can help you reduce your recruitment cost and time by 50%. We have expertise in providing a range of professional RPO services.

Our Recruiters are trained both in traditional recruiting, researching and sourcing as well as the techniques and process specific to our Recruitment Process methodology. Our Recruitment Process involves:

Requirement Phase:
In this phase, we collect all relevant information about a talent acquisition need in order for us to effectively and efficiently source and screen candidates.

Once the relevant information is available, specific Sourcing and Screening Guidelines are prepared by the recruiting BDM/Recruiting Managers in collaboration with Client Manager.

Sourcing Phase:
In this phase, recruiters work on finding suitable talent for the assigned requirements following the sourcing guidelines and tips provided in requirement definition.

Our Sourcing ways include:

  • Database Search
  • References/Contacts
  • Job Boards
  • Bulk Email system to sub-contracts, Consultants

Screening Phase
In this phase, we screen the candidates:

  • Candidates resume is discussed as well as his/her availability/interest is confirmed with respect to the new opportunity.
  • The required skills should be in the resume as responsibilities/environment.
  • Communication skills are evaluated in terms of command over English language, sentence formation, and clarity of expression.
  • 10 – 15 targeted technical questions are also asked to gauge the overall technical competency of the candidate in the required skill areas.
  • Confident levels of the candidates.
  • Collect the reference of the candidate based on client needs.

  • Faster turn-around of quality resumes for our requirements.
  • Candidate quality and skill check before interview
  • 24×7 support team
  • Regular status reporting