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Supreme NetSoft’s Enterprise Mobility is focused on use of mobile devices for accessing enterprise functionality such as email, access documents on mobile, access customer relationship management apps, access sales force apps, access enterprise resource planning etc. Our focus on mobility is multi fold of full life cycle management starting from responsive design, building apps for various platforms such as IOS, Android and Microsoft Window’s Mobile to Mobile Device Management.

We build Mobile strategy for our customers with the objective of

  • Mobility as a Global Initiative for the Enterprises
  • Increased user productivity and Connectivity of apps on Enterprise
  • Improved Decision making for Enterprise apps
  • Increase revenue through efficiency
  • Increase end-user satisfaction

Our Enterprise Mobility Framework consists of

image description
  • MADP: Mobile Application development Platform
  • MDM: Mobile Device Management
  • Governance: Governance of Mobile Applications
  • Security: Security of Mobile Applications
  • Data and Performance: We ensure that Data is represented appropriately in the mobile device and performance is achieved using the appropriate design
  • BYOD: Provide our customers the ability to leverage BYOD option with the mobile enablement

Our core capabilities in the Enterprise Mobility are

  • Mobile Application Development Platform and Responsive Design for existing enterprise systems
  • Mobile Device Management and Enterprise catalog
  • Mobile App testing

Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) – Responsive Design: We at Supreme Netsoft, build apps with responsive design – whether we build new apps or modify existing enterprise apps. As part of our experience, enabling responsive design for vendor application frameworks is complex due to proprietary data formats and templates, for example SAP requires adopting SAP Fiori apps framework and so on. We have in- house capabilities on MADP for different vendor platforms such as SAP MADP and XAMARIN. We provide different mobile client application frameworks such as IOS/Android/Windows Mobile based systems.

Mobile Device Management and Enterprise catalog: We provide the solutions for Mobile Device Management that supports enterprise App Store to users who can browse and download apps. Enterprise App Store helps in online catalog for particular Enterprise apps with security policies in place.

Mobile Applications Testing: We provide multiple types of Enterprise Mobile Applications testing as shown below.

  • Test Planning
  • Functional Testing
  • Test Automation using devices
  • Localization Testing
  • Interruption Testing
  • User Experience Testing
  • Mobile Applications Security Testing
  • Cloud Enabled Testing for Mobile Applications
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Mobile App compliance testing

We help our customers to build robust mobile applications using our in-house frameworks.