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The Consulting Services of Supreme Netsoft Private Limited (SNPL) is focusing on transforming business of our customers. We bring innovative ideas in the customer domain areas and connect business requirements with IT using our Consulting services. We as a Consulting partner with deep knowledge in Industry specific requirements, meaningful insights, and broadest range of capabilities will stand upfront to provide consulting services. So, we participate and help our customers in Business transformation initiatives.

Some of the offerings from Supreme Netsoft Private Limited (SNPL) as part of Consulting services are
  • Centre of Excellence setup
  • Enterprise Architecture and Blueprint
  • Product and Solution conceptualization
  • Roadmap for Niche technologies
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Bid Management

Centre of excellence set up:
Supreme Netsoft Private Limited (SNPL) offers services in the area of Center of Excellence (CoE) by setting up CoE in the customer defined area by creating a team capable of handling Customer’s challenges, Set of best practices for efficiently running the CoE. Also provides sufficient research, support and training required for sustenance of CoE.

Center of Excellence will fulfill

  • Provides common set of best practices and standards
  • Provides Benchmarking and assessing the Capability and steps required to enhance the capability vs benchmarked scenario
  • Provides Direct and Indirect guidance to support the existing set of practices.

Enterprise Architecture and Blue Print:
Our customers’ enterprises are often contains large number of Applications and we always believe in representing visualization of the architecture at conceptual, logical and physical level of enterprises with concepts and elements, and obviously their inter-relationships diagrammatically to showcase Enterprise Architecture Blueprint. The background work before we create blueprint involving Enterprise Architecture strategy, Enterprise Architecture Principles, Enterprise Architecture goals, Enterprise Architecture objectives and then requirements are performed and taken as inputs for creating blueprint. We define several templates or re-use industry standard EA templates to capture the data and derive the blueprint.So we will help our customers in creating Architecture repository and components to achieve the repository with TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) standards. We adopt four models of architecture for defining Enterprise Architecture i.e. Business, Information, Application, and infrastructure and derive comprehensive Enterprise Architecture model for our customers.Supreme Netsoft Private Limited (SNPL) provides support on Enterprise Architecture tools, Models and also provide consultancy to derive EA framework for our customers using Industry standard guidelines.

We have consultants who are EA certified (such as TOGAF) and available to serve our customers.

Product and Solution conceptualization:
We provide Product and Solution conceptualization for our customers in different domains and service areas using our extensive software development and maintenance experience.

Our Product conceptualizations are based on providing solution to identified need and available as common platform.

Following parameters are considered for Product conceptualization by Supreme Netsoft Private Limited (SNPL)

  • Product requirements and features
  • Competition and what are the short falls for market availability products. So Our product can overcome those during the implementation
  • Available as a platform than a product
  • Available under multi-tenant features when we deploy in the cloud environment
  • Fitment to digitization concept
  • Mobile enabled in terms of responsive design and also in terms of Mobile platform Apps
  • How to build products using DevOps framework and reliable source components
  • How to enable as a service while available as a Product
  • Critical information and knowledge of particular domain to give specialty features for the defined Product

Our Solution conceptualizations are based on solving individual customers’ business challenges and we use well defined software process development of Supreme NetSoft.

Our team will detail out the concepts in domain and technical solution methodology through collaborative engagement with the customers on requirements using workshops and story boards. We also create prototypes/pilots before actual launch of the solutions.

We use our defined project life cycle approach to bring solutions to our customers consisting initiation, planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and sustenance.

Roadmap for Niche Technologies:
We always believe in creating and providing solutions and products in Niche Technologies with respect to current opportunities and resources available in the typical IT industry. As availability of Niche Technology based resources are critical for supporting Niche Technologies, we undertake a cross training to our resources and believe in documentation of project components.

Our regular cross learn skills are focused to nurture Niche Technologies in the area of

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technologies that include SAP and other relevant ones on demand
  • Digitization technologies such as Mobile, Cloud, Analytics, Security and Sense technologies

Training and Capacity building:

We at Supreme NetSoft always believe in continuous learning and building teams in different technologies to fulfill two sides of our pillars that are associated working with us and our customers.

As part of our policy to enhance continuous enrichment of Technology knowledge, we provide opportunities of trainings to our customers as well on selected programs like designing the Applications in Cloud and Mobile technologies or any particular Niche skill area. We take that opportunity to increase the capacity of the teams for our customers as well.

We always believe in factory model of capacity building and that provides support from resources prospective as well as technology prospective. Factory model is to ensure continuous development of teams in the defined framework with systematic approach.

Bid Management:
Our procurement initiative starts with Bid Management. We have adopted full life cycle approach for Bid Management that consists of

  • Opportunity Identification
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Pursuit the opportunity
  • Preproposal preparation with customers and intended parties/alliances
  • Proposal development that includes solution and artefacts
  • Preparing competitive proposal that includes pricing and submission
  • Follow up activities after submission like Presentations, Proof of Concepts
  • Pilot the solution for kick off

We have strong capability to create proposals for our own services and we also provide Bid Management services to our customers.