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ERP/CRM Solutions
ERP is a system of managing operations and business functions, including product planning, purchasing, inventory, customer service, order tracking, and other back-end business processes. ERP requires knowledge of financial and manufacturing processes.

CRM solutions are used to manage contacts, accounts, opportunities, activities, marketing, customer support, and many other sales and service-related processes. CRM calls for knowledge of business needs and customer demands. A CRM business application is not just about managing customer information. It is also about understanding the customer behavior.

However, CRM and ERP are beginning to blur as ERP vendors incorporate CRM functions into their software and CRM vendors add ERP capabilities to their offerings. Both industries are working to develop all-in-one applications to streamline internal operations and customer activities.

Hence we provide
  • Integrated solutions for your CRM and ERP needs.
  • A highly responsive customer support: A highly responsive and well versed customer support representatives provide services of the highest quality.
  • 24×7 software support for mission critical software.
  • Cost cutting: Our offshore capabilities with technicians who have undergone rigorous training ensure excellent service at a very economical cost.
  • Each of these modules is exclusive of each other yet they facilitate easy access to data.

Wireless Enterprise Solutions
SNPL’s Wireless Enterprise applications are scalable across transport options, Scalable across device types and expanded over time to new networks and transports. Can be adapted to meet a variety of end-user needs and are efficient, user-friendly and customizable for cross-platform use. Since this application can be optimized for low-bandwidth, low-memory, and low-display capability environments such as PDAs, wireless phones, pagers, and virtually any other communications device, our customer report high increase in productivity, proficiency and real-time delivery.

Portal/Content Management
SNPL offers services in the Portal/Content management sphere as well. Our highly technical capabilities have been proven in the field of delivering enterprise portals for many organizations.